Real Estate Developers, Consultants & Advisors, Lenders, PEs, Funds connect on FUNDINGWALK to raise funds for projects or transact assets

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What is FundingWalk?

Real Estate - Raise Finance from Institutions and Sell Assets to Institutions

We are a global private network of Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Investors & Lenders, and Real Estate Investment Bankers & Consultants. The members connect privately with each other to raise finance for real estate projects, and to buy & sell real estate assets.


Pre-screened Members

Every developer, investor, buyer and consultant profile on FUNDINGWALK is pre-screened by our analysts


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You decide disclosing identity to interested and genuine parties

Global Network

Developers, Funds, PEs, Lenders, Institutional Investors, and Consultants & Advisors in Real Estate


Group Housing, Multi Family, Office, Retail, Hotels, Hospitals, Warehouse etc.

Raise Finance

Owners and developers looking to raise finance from Banks, NBFCs, Private Equity, Real Estate Funds etc.

Buy Assets & Sell Assets

Institutional Investors, Acquirers, Owners, Developers looking to buy or sell assets in pre-leased, ready-to-move in, under -construction, land, license etc.

What we do? connects its registered members by matching their requirements for finance, joint venture, and asset buy & sell through the use of algorithm on no name basis. We register members like Real Estate Developers including hotels & hospitals, Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, Family Office, Banks, NBFCs, Verified HNIs, Other Financial Institutions, Investment Banks, and Consultants.

We Maintain Privacy

Registered members are free not to disclose their identity to other members till they are sure to move forward with the proposals. The members have the option to use the platform chat feature to communicate without disclosing their identity or can take the communication off the platform where we do not have any control.

We do not charge any commission

There is no commission on the sanction or disbursement, or on the asset transaction. As of now, all the transactions take place off the platform between the members. We just connect members and do not have any involvement in the transactions.

How it works?

1. Create Your Profile

2. Proposal Seller will Upload Proposal

3. Proposal Buyer show interest in the Proposal

4. Proposal Seller receives interest from Proposal Buyer

5. Proposal Seller & Proposal Buyer Collaboration